Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission

Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission launched adolescence girls’ health project on February 15, 2020. The project was started with a 7-day training programme for cluster coordinators and 2 day training programme for VHWs.The project aims at the physical and mental development of 313 tribal girls in about 30 hamlets of Attappady. Statistics show that poor maternal health is one of the leading causes of high infant mortality in Attappady. As part of this project, nutritional and psychological support is being provided during adolescence to nurture healthy young women.The project involves creation of adolescent girls peer groups, imparting behavioral change communication through these groups, monitoring health and nutritional indicators of the girls and implementing few dietary interventions for improving the health and nutritional status of the tribal girls. Weekly meetings of these groups are being held led by cluster coordinator and group leader.The project is supported by the CSR health care program of UST. The Department of Clinical Nutrition, PSG College of Arts and Science has joined the project as a technical consultant.

The seven day training programme for Cluster Coordinators was inaugurated by Dr.Velumani, Ayurveda doctor from the tribal community. Several subject experts took classes on adolescent health, nutrition, team building and communication skills. The Valedictory session was addressed by Sri Sunil Balakrishnan, Centre head UST, Smita Sharma CSR Head, UST and Prasanth Subramaniam, CSR Ambassador or UST.

Dr.V.K.Prakash( Consultant in General Medicine, SVMM Hospital) inaugurated the two day training of Village Health Workers on Adolescent Health and Nutrition.