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Community Health Projects

Community Health Projects

Beyond the hospital services, Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission Trust has started several community health programs and initiatives to offer a more holistic care, provide targeted treatment for special conditions, create awareness on various health issues among the tribal communities of Attappady. Some of the initiatives are:

Village Health Workers

Educated youth from tribal villages are selected and appointed as Village Health Workers. They are trained to give first aid, organize medical camps, conduct health education classes etc and appointed as Village Health workers. They are also given first aid kits. The VHW help patients to seek medical advice in time, organise sanitation campaigns in their villages, motivate patients with eye problems to reach eye camps, support mentally ill patients and their families.Altogether the VHW provide first aid to more than 

Community Mental Health Project

There is a very high prevalence of mental disorders among the tribes of Attappady. The problem has not been subjected to scientific study and analysis by any agency so far. A comprehensive survey conducted in 2010 in 165 hamlets of Attappady had brought out the high number of mentally ill people in each hamlet. The survey was inaugurated by Dr.P.R. Karunakaran District Medical Officer, Palakkad on 15th January 2010. The survey was conducted by about 60 Village Mental Health Volunteers. 

Alcohol De-Addiction Project

Alcohol addiction is a very common problem in the tribal villages of Attappady. The wide spread addiction to alcohol and other substances is a complex social issue with legal, socio-economic, psychological and medical ramifications.

The dependence on alcohol disrupts the family, finances, social life and occupation of the individual. There have been several instances of suicides and domestic violence relating to alcohol dependence and addiction. In order to combat this social evil in Attappady, a sustained medico-social intervention is needed.

Adolescent Girls’ Health Project

Project for Tribal Adolescent girl’s health and nutrition in Attappady was formally inaugurated by Dr Velumani, Ayurvedic Doctor from the tribal community on February 15, 2021. The project started with a 7 day training-of-trainers (TOT) program of cluster coordinators. The project is supported by the CSR health care program of UST. The training program concluded on Friday 21, 2021 with a valedictory function. The function was attended by the CSR Ambassador of UST, Sri Prashant Subrahmanian; who was immensely supportive and helpful in initiating this project. Sri Sunil Balakrishnan, Chief Values Officer, UST who joined the function through online platform, gave the inaugural address. 

Sickle Cell Disease Project

Sickle Cell Anaemia is a disease caused by a defective Haemoglobin molecule in the Red blood cell (RBC). It is a congenital disease transmitted to the child if both parents carry the gene for the disease. The affected persons have defective growth, repeated attacks of severe anemia, repeated attacks of severe pain, infections and possibility of early death.

Sickle Cell Disease Care Centre was inaugurated at our hospital on 26th January 2012 by Dr.V.H.Sankar, Genetic Medicine Specialist from Government Medical College Thiruvananthapuram.

Young girl working on homeschooling project in greenhouse at home

Palliative Care

Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission started a Home care Project focussing on tribal villages in Attappady. The project aims to provide home care treatment and support to poor mentally ill patients, elderly persons, bedridden patients and those with chronic illnesses. The project was inaugurated by Sri V.K.Somasundaram, President of Navothana Parishath and Vibhag Sanghchalak by lighting the lamp. A Bolero jeep donated by BPCL, Kochi for this project was flagged off by Sri V.P.S.Menon , President of Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission. The team comprising of a nurse, social workers and village health workers will make daily visits to tribal villages for providing home care.

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