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Livelihood and Enterprise Development Project

Livelihood and Enterprise Development Project -LEDP

Under the LEDP scheme 5 training camps for the 150 beneficiaries were done. We have conducted 3 exposure visits for the beneficiaries so that they get a real life experience regarding the aquaculture units. During these visits the beneficiaries gathered a lot of information regarding rearing of the fish, possible diseases infecting the fishes and its remedies, maintenance of the ponds etc. A total of 12 ponds has been set up so far of which 1 is ready for harvest. The first harvest was inaugurated by Mini G Kurup Panchayath Member of Agali Panchayath on 30/01/2023 at Boothivazhi, Agali.

Setting Up Of Freshwater Aquaculture Units

NABARD funded Livelihood and Enterprise Development Program (LEDP) on Setting up of Freshwater Aquaculture Farms in Attappady was initiated in March 2021. The project will benefit 150 farmers and will involve an intensive 10-day skill-upgradation training, refresher trainings and exposure visits. After the training program, Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission will provide handhold support in inputs, operations, credit, marketing etc. for these farmers for a period of 1-year.The project was officially inaugurated in December 2022

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