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Drinking water projects

Chavadiyoor Drinking Water Project

The problem of drinking water first came up in one of the development committees’ meeting held in the village of Chavadiyoor. SVMM tried to address it proactively by raising the issue with the Member of Parliament, Mr. Richard Hay, who readily provided financial support through MPLAD funds for initiating the drinking water project in the village. The first-phase of the drinking water projects, benefitting 101 households was completed in 2018. The second-phase was completed in February 2021 with support of Sewa Canada. The second-phase of the project was funded by an individual volunteer of Sewa Canada in memory of his father Late. Major General Ashok Kumar Singh. All the households of the village are getting benefit of the project. A water user committee has been formed to manage the resources and the expenses. The committee has hired an operator. The villagers contribute a sum of money every month for the recurring expenses.

Keeripathi Drinking Water Project

Keeripathy is a village in Sholoayur Panchayat. Drinking water has been a major problem in the village. The village saw outward migration of several families due to this problem. Several government and non-government initiatives failed due to lack of a community approach. SVMM has taken up the challenge and started to implemented community drinking water project in Keeripathi in April 2021. The project is supported by Kerala Hindus of North America. The project is expected to be completed in June 2021.