Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission

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+91 8589991227

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Our Location

Agali ,Palakkad-678581

You can support us with Spot donations

  1. Make a Spot Donation to support us

    You can donate with any amount to support us with Spot donation feature

    Rs.74,116.00 donated
  1. Uniforms for a tribal child

    Donate ₹1,000 to support the purchase of uniforms for a tribal child in our school

    Rs.1,000.00 donated
  2. Books for education a tribal child

    Donate ₹2,000 in the purchase of books for a tribal child in our school for a year

    Rs.0.00 donated
  3. Buy library books for school

    Donate ₹ 3000 to buy books for our school or community library

    Rs.0.00 donated
  4. Free food at school

    Donate ₹ 3,000 to support the free food for the children at the school for a day

    Rs.3,000.00 donated
  5. Free food at hospital

    Donate ₹ 4,000 to free food for the patients at our hospital for a day

    Rs.12,000.00 donated
  6. Free medicines

    Donate ₹5,000 to purchase of free medicines for tribal patients at our hospital for a day

    Rs.20,000.00 donated